How to Transfer EzPaycheck 2012 Data To 2013 By Using the Restore Function

When ezPaycheck 2012 users run ezPaycheck 2013 update package, it should transfer all the data to ezPaycheck 2013 automatically. However if your machine has higher security settings, ezPaycheck may not be able to transfer the data automatically. 


Here is the step by step guide on to move the data with the restore function.

Do not forget step 4 to switch your current database after you store your database file manually.

1. Start ezPaycheck, then click the top menu "Company->Restore company" to open the Database Restore screen.
payroll software restore data<

2. On the Database Restore screen, click Select backup database to be restored button to select your database file.
payroll software restore data

3. Select your file and click the open button.

The database file is the .mdb file (Microsoft Access Database file).

option 1: If you have backed up your database before, you can select your backup database file 

Option 2: If you have NOT backed up your database before, you can select the original database file from your old database folder

The default folder is:
C:\Program Files\Halfpricesoft\ezPaycheck


C:\Program Files (x86)\Halfpricesoft\ezPaycheck

If you are using Windows 8, 7 or Vista with some settings, the default folder can be:
C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Halfpricesoft\ezPaycheck

If you cannot see "AppData" folder there, you can type it to the top address bar directly. Some machines may hide this folder.

4. If you want to use this database file as your current database, you can click the top menu "Company->Select Company" to select this database from list and set it the current database file.

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