Shift Differential Salary: How to Calculate Different Pay With Payroll Software

by admin 6. February 2013 05:55

EzPaycheck payroll software is very flexible. Yes, it can handle Different Pay. Differential pay is a financial term means an employee can earn extra for working a certain shift (ie: night shift).


EzPaycheck allows users to set up multiple pay rates for an employee during the same pay period. When user adds a new paycheck, he just needs to enter the hours and ezPaycheck will calcualte federal, state, Social Security and other taxes automatically. Then user can print paychecks on blank check stock and pre-printed checks.


Here is an example:


Employee XYZ works for two shifts during the same pay period. The pay rate for the first shift is $10. The pay rate for the second shift is $12.


1.      Start ezPaycheck, click the left menu “Company Settings”, then click “Wage Setup” sub menu to open Company Wage Setup Screen.

- Check one Regular wage item, then the “Change Name” button to rename it. You can rename it to “2ND shift” or other name.

- Save your change.


2. Add/ Edit Employee Setup screen


3. Enter the hourly Rates for different shifts


4. Add a new check and enter the hours there.

New users can try ezPaycheck 30 days free. No credit card needed and no obligation.

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