How to roll forward ez1099 2013 data to ez1099 2014

Ez1099 comes with the data BACKUP and RESTORE function. You can roll forward ez1099 2013 data to ez1099 2014 folder easily.

Step 1. Install ez1099 2014 on your machine first


Step 2. Start ez1099 2013, click the top menu “Company -> Backup Company".
You can rename and save the database file to a folder or a flash disk. For example: you can rename the datbase file to “ABC Company 2014”.



Step 3. Start ez1099 2014, click the top menu “Company-> Restore Backup Company".

Then select the backup company database file.


Step 4: Start ez1099 2014, select this new database file as your current database file by clicking the top menu "Company ->Select Company".


Step 5. You can edit your data there and print your new forms.



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