How to Print Full Social Security Numbers on Payroll Check Stubs

In many states, employers may no longer need to print SSN on pay stubs. However, in state, employers need to print Social Security number. And some times an employee may ask employer for pay stubs with full SSN for a loan or other purpose.

ezPaycheck payroll software for small business is very easy to use and filexible. When you set up your account, you can choose the option to show or hide SSN (Social Security Number) on payroll check stubs easily.

Here are the steps to hide Social security number on paycheck stubs. 

  • You can click the ezPaycheck left menu "Checks" then "Check Setup" to open check setup screen. 
  • Uncheck the option Mask SSN on Paycheck Stub to print Social Security Number on paycheck stubs.
  • Click the update button to save your change. 

    hide social security number on paycheck stubs
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