2016 Idaho State Income Withholding Tax Change

ezPaychecks changed for Idaho workers from Jan. 1, 2016


According to Idaho State Tax Commission (http://tax.idaho.gov/) , the Allowance Value for 2016 is $4,000. 

Idaho income tax rates range changed from 1.6% to 7.4% and are levied on Idaho residents’ income and non-residents’ income from Idaho sources.


EzPayCheck payroll software includes this changes in its 2016 version.


  • The new Idaho 2015 Withholding Tables (Effective Jan 1, 2015) is available at:

2016 Idaho Tax Table

  • The old Idaho  Tax Tables can be found at:

2015 Idaho Tax Table

EzPaycheck 2016 payroll software has implemented these payroll tax changes. You are welcome to download and try our new version for 30 days free with no cost and no credit card needed.

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