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My name is Stephan, I have been using Quicken Checks to write checks for Windows. I am looking for software to do the same on my Mac.I have tried Quicken for Mac and find it unusable. Besides writing checks I would also like the software to have a check register so I may
categorize my transactions and creating P/L statements for my accountant every year. I would be using this for personal use only, not for payroll.
Does your software accomplish this?
Thank You,

If you need to print the personal wallet-sized checks, ezCheckPersonal for Mac will work for you.

- With ezCheckPersonal, you can design and print the professional checks on blank stock in house.
- You can fill in data on pre-printed checks also.
- You can add the check by category for report purpose.

2. We offer the free demo version. Please feel free to download and try out with no obligation and no cost. We are glad to assist you if you still have any questions.

ezCheckPersonal Mac Download Link 

Quick Start Guide

Sample personal wallet-sized checks printed by ezCheckPersonal

If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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