ezCheckPersonal Mac: Quick Start Guide

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  • How to set up and print pocket-sized personal checks
  • How to write check data on pre-printed check paper
  • How to print blank check to fill in manually later

  • How to use ezCheckPersonal With Quicken
  • How to use ezCheckPersonal With QuickBooks
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    ezCheckPersonal Mac: How to Print Professional-looking Pocket-sized Personal Check

    Step 1: Install ezCheckPersonal software for MAC version

    If you have not installed ezCheckPersonal for mac version, you can download it from

    Just follow the instructions on the download page to finish the installation.

    Note for new MAC customers:
    Do not click the installation file again once you installed ezCheckPersonal software on your Macintosh. You can open ezCheckPersonal application by clicking the LaunchPad button, which is similar to Windows's Show Desktop button.

    Step 2: Start ezCheckPersonal

    2.1 Click the Launchpad button, then you will see the current applications intalled on your Mac machine. Click the ezCheckPrinting icon to start this check writer application.

    Start ezCheckPersonal on Mac

    2.2 If you have not registered the key code, you will see key code input popup windows. If you just want to test the trial version, simply click "Try DEMO Version" to continue.

    ezCheckPersonal enter license

    Step 3: Set up the bank account and add the logo image

    Click the top menu "Settings->Edit Current Account" to open the check setup page. Set up your check information and add your check logo file there.

    set up personal check account

    Step 4: Customize the check layout (optional)

    Click the top menu "Settings->Check layout Setup" to open the check layout page. You can customize the layout of your check by changing the font size, logo position, logo size or add a new label.

    set up personal check layout

    To customize the logo, you need to select the logo from the item picker first. Then you can resize it or drag/drop the logo to a new position. If you are satisfied with the effect, you can save your change.

    customize logo on personal check

    Step 5: Add and print a check

    Save the chagnes and go back to the main page. Click the "New" button to add a check. Select this check from the check list and click the "Print" button to print your check.

    5.1 Check list
    add and print check

    5.2 Add a check
    write a personal check

    5.3 Select one check or multiple checks from list and click "Print" button, you will see Print option screen. You can select a printer or a tray there
    write a personal check

    5.4 Print preview check
    print a personal check

    free check printing software ezCheckPersonal allows customers to design and print pocket-sized personal checks with MICR encoding and logo on blank stock. You can also use it to fill out preprinted blank checks too.

    If you have not installed this software, you can download and try it free with no obligation and no credit card needed.

    This check printing software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Me, 2003, 2000 and Apple Mac systems.

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