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Check Printer

If you have pre-printed checks with MICR line, you can use any printer. If you need to print checks on blank stock, we suggest MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) printers and laser printer. Most US banks are using optical check readers today which can scan the checks printed on blank stock with the regular office/home laser printers. Many of our customers prefer to use laser printers. However, MICR toner and MICR ink will print checks with the best quality.

We do not suggest the normal ink-jet printer for blank stock check printing because some ATMs and grocery stores may not be able to scan the checks if they are still using the old scanners.

Blank Check Paper
With ezPaycheck payroll software , you can print professional checks on blank stock. Most of our customers prefer to use the blank stock check printing option.

You can order blank stock from our site  or Amazon  or other online stores.

Pre-printed Check
You can order pre-printed checks from your bank

Please feel free to contact us directly  if you need assistance
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I have payroll checks that just have my company name and my banking and routing/acct info preprinted so Ill need to print "blank stock" but the problem is that my checks are at the bottom of the sheet whereas the EZPAY system is set up to print the check at the top of the page... it will print upside down if i just flip my paper... HELP!!! I do not see a place to change this to the stub info prints at top and check portion at the bottom...
Dear valued customer,

Thank you for your email. You can change the positioning by clicking on the main menu on the left. Check setup. At the bottom left you will see a check position drop down. Select check on bottom and click update.

Please let us know how we may assist you further.

If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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