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I have used ezPayCheck for several years. This year, ILLINOIS has required a SCHEDULE B report for my Quarterly 941 Return and your product does not provide reports by check date to provide that liability information.
Please add a way to accumulate the State Withholding taxes by Check Date for the next quarter.
Thank you for using ezPaycheck software.

ezPaycheck software current version can print Schedule B. When you click the Print button, you will see that option. You can learn more by viewing the guide below also.

How to print 941 and Schedule B

Have you gotten a chance to check the report features?

- Employer Customized Report
- Employee Summary List

Can you find the data from the above reports? Or you can tell us more details about what data you are looking for. I am glad to forward your request to developers.

Most of the best ideas of our software are from our clients. We appreciate support.

If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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