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forms 941 and sch. B are not aligned properly between the top and bottom margins and the last line of the page does not gets cut off. what can be done to remedy this. I've had no problems printing anything else with this printer. what can be done?
Thank you for using ezPaycheck payroll software. We are glad to assist you.

Can you see the same issue when you print preview form on screen? Please follow the steps below:

Step 1:
1) Does your printer has BORDER option? If yes, please select Borderless.
This is the most possible reason.

2). Please print form at 100% size. Do not resize form.

3). Increase or decrease Print Quality. (ie: my current printer set up is 600 dpi.)

How to check printer properties - follow option 1

Step 2:
If you have PDF printer (ie: Windows 10 comes with default PDF driver) installed on your machine, can you print form to PDF file first then print it on paper. We can check printer issue later.

Windows 10 PDF printing

Step 3:
If you still see this issue, will you company allow you to send us the data here? So we can print the form into PDF format files and email them back today
If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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