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I Downloaded the trial, the SC state withholding is coming up less than what it should be.
#1. Are you using the latest version now? If not, please download the latest version. 

#2. Here is SC state tax table. Are you using the same rate

#3. Here is an example about how to use the state tax table. The Exempt Allowance will lower the taxes. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Employee: weekly 1107.12 for each paycheck , married, 4 allowance

1. Annual Wage: 1107.12*52=57570.24

2 Determine the standard deduction: 10% of annual wages or $3,150
The standard deduction for this employee is $3150

3. Exempt Allowance
2440*4= $9760

4. Yearly Taxable income

5. Check tax table, the yearly state tax

For each paycheck, the state tax

When I added it to ezPaycheck, I see $55.35

Thank you.
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