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1) we print business checks that are 3 on a sheet

2) we pay our dealers once a month for things they have sold during the month. We have a sheet that list everything they are being paid for from our other software so this is just a check for each vendor

3) that’s all we want your program for is to write the checks based on the figures transferred to your program from our mall software

4) I am trying to eliminate Quicken as their program is too hard to do to just write checks
ezCheckPrinting software will work for you.

1. ezCheckPrinting can print checks in 3-per-page format on blank stock and pre-printed check paper.

2. ezCheckPrinting can import data from .csv file to print checks in a batch if you can export data from other application.

3. You can print the report to view the payment for one payee or all payees.

4. We offer the free DEMO version and you are welcome to test drive with no obligation before purchasing it.

ezCheckPrinting Trial Version Free Download Link

Quick Start Guide: How to Print Checks on Blank Stock in House 

Sample checks printed by ezCheckPrinting


ezCheckPrinting Purchase link

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