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I have a client who has no structure his payroll. I prepare a quarterly summary and would like to use a service that I can input the quarterly information and generate the quarterly and year end payroll reports. The client is located in NYC so I would like to generate the state reports.
We have many clients from NYC.

- ezPaycheck can generate and print federal report 941, 940, W2, W3 for you.

- It can generate the data for state reports. But ezPaycheck will not fill in data on state forms directly.

You may need the following features.

1. If you need to enter the payroll data manually and print checks

How to enter the after the fact check

Then you can follow the guide to print tax forms 

2. If you do not need to print checks, you can follow this guide directly to generate forms

How can a customer enter the data manually to print tax Forms W2, W3, 940 and 941

Please feel free to try ezPaycheck with no obligation. We are glad to assist you.

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