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I am using ez paycheck program and love it. I downloaded the update for 2024 and assume that all tax updates etc are there. Does it have the category for MN new law on keeping track of hours for sick leave? However is there a fee for updating the tax tables? No where did I see info on that. Please advise. Thanks again for your great program.
hank you for using ezPaycheck.

1. Update
If you have already purchased ezPaycheck 2024, you will get all updates for ezPaycheck 2024 version for free. (IRS will release new 2024 Form 941 in March, Form W2 & W3 in Nov, Form 940 in Dec. ezPaycheck new version will be released when the new forms are available.)

2. Yes, ezPaycheck can track PTO. Learn more here.

How to set up PTO (paid time off) plan?

How to manage employee PTO hours manually?

How to view the PTO report? 

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