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I downloaded the free trial for 30 days. But can not do anything with it???? so far I have 5 employees that are weekly pay - then I have one more that is on a bi-weekly payroll. I do I make that designation for withholdings from their checks???? --- I have hourly pay employees. now I have a salaried person coming on line. Anna
Hi Anna,

Thank you for using ezPaycheck. You can find ezPaycheck Quick Start Guide online  and it will guide you step by step.

Here are the answers to your questions.

1. If some employees are contractors and some are W-2 employees with different pay periods, you can set up two accounts to handle the payroll.

--How to handle paychecks for employees and contractors

2. If all employees are w-2 employees, some are paid weekly and some are paid bi-weekly, you need to edit the pay period option before you add a new check with a different pay period. You can access this pay period option by clicking ezPaycheck left menu "Company Settings", then "Company" sub menu.

(Note: Right now, the pay period set up is on company level. We plan to move it to employee level in the future version, which will make ezPaycheck more flexible. )

3. Salary or hourly Pay
You can specify payment type when you set up an employee. Learn more here

Pay by salary 

Pay be hourly rate 

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

Please feel free to contact us directly  if you need assistance
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