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Before I purchase the ezW-2 software, I want to make sure I can prepare a W-2 for a minister as shown in the attachment.
This would include the following:

Entering Total Gross Wages in Box 1 that does not carry over to Box 3 (FICA Wages) or Box 5 (Medicare Wages).
I would want to enter the same Total Gross Wages in Box 16 (State Wages)

I would also want to enter information into Bos 14 stating the following: Minister of the Gospel Housing Allow, Not Included in Box 1: Amount

Will I be able to enter the information for each employee separately? I have only 9 W-2 employees, including the minister.

Thak you
I believe our ezW2 software will work for you, We offer the free demo version. Please feel free to test drive with no obligation. The demo version will print forms with the trial watermarks. If you like ezW2, you can purchase the license online to remove it.

ezW2 software can print ALL W-2 forms (copy A, B, C, D, 1 and 2) and W-3 forms on plain paper with your laser or ink-jet printer. The black and white substitute forms of W-2 Copy A and W-3 are SSA-approved (Vendor ID: 1335).

ezW2 Download Link

How to prepare, print and file W2 forms

Sample W2 forms

ezW2 Purchase link

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