Compare Time Tracking Solutions: Desktop vs. Online

We offer both desktop version and online version time tracking solution. You can decide which option fits your business needs.

  Desktop Online Using Both
Solution ezTimeSheet Software Halfpricesoft Online Time Tracking ezTimeSheet and Halfpricesoft Online Time Tracking
For business All employees can access the desktop ezTimeSheet software

  • Restaurant
  • Manufacturing company
  • Daycare
  • Doctor office
  • Spa
  • And others

  • Employees are required to clock in/out from mobile device.

  • House cleaning company
  • Roofing company
  • Visiting nurse service company
  • Consulting company
  • And others

  • Most employees can clock in/out from desktop computers. Some employees need to clock in/out via mobile device.

  • Furniture company with delivery service
  • Retail company with delivery service
  • Cost
  • From $39 for 5-employee version
  • No monthly fee
  • You can upgrade the ezTimeSheet to higher version if you hire new employees
  • Pay by month
  • Extra charge for each new employee
    Main Features
  • Employees clock in/out from desktop or laptop Windows computer(s).
  • Employees can input and edit timesheet, manually (with permission from administrator).

  • HR manager can input and edit timesheet manually.
  • HR manager needs to approve overtime manually.
  • HR manager can generate employee attendance report.
  • HR manager can generate leave time, sick time and vacation time reports;

  • System track employee attendence.
  • System tracks sick, vacation and leave hours
  • Employees clock in and clock out from any device with an internet connection.
  • Employees can enter time manually also.

  • HR manager can assign an employee various tasks.
  • HR manager can enter and edit the timesheet.
  • HR manager can add note field to each time entry.
  • HR manager can set up double pay and overtime pay rules.
  • HR manager can set up multiple PTO, leave, sick and vacation time accrual plans.
  • HR manager can generate various reports by date, employee, project and task.
  • HR manager can generate various leave time, sick time and vacation time time reports;

  • System tracks employee clock in/out via GPS location if using mobile device.
  • System tracks tracks employee hours to project task level
  • System automatically calculates overtime hours and double time hours by prefined rules.
  • System tracks available and used PTO, leave time, vacation time, sick time;
  • System automatically generates paychecks if you subcribe the online payroll feature also.
    Data On your local computer Hosted by  
  • Low cost
  • The data is stored in your local computer or your server. No internet connection is required to run ezTimeSheet.

  • No installation is needed
  • Track clock in/out with GPS location if using mobile device
  • Track time to project task level
  • Users can access this system from any device with an internet connection (for example: Windows desktop, laptop, MacBook, ChromeBook, iPad, and other mobile device).

  • Enjoy the benefits of both online and desktop versions
  • Employee cannot clock in/out remotely.
  • Does not track location.
  • Does not track time to project task level

  • Extra cost when you add a new employee
    Trial You can download the free one-employee DEMO version to test drive with no obligation You can sign up a free account to test drive for 30 days with no obligation.  
      Desktop Online Desktop and Online

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