How to Start 30 Days Free Trial

Online Payroll and Time Tracking Quick Start Guide
Trying Halfpricesoft Online System is totally risk-free. There is no obligation or credit card required. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial account in minutes.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Online Account.

Step 2: Take a Quick Test Drive
(Clock in, clock out, view timesheet, print checks...)

Step 3: Add More Employees and Access All Features

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Online Account.

1.1 Click the top menu "SIGN UP".

1.2 Enter your company name, email, review the agreement and sign up.
signup sheet

1.3 Our system will send you the confirm message after you submit the sign up form clicking the "Sign up" button.

signup email

1.3 Please check your email account and click the confirm link in the message.


1.4 Complete the registration form and log in your account.


Step 2: Take a Quick Test Drive

After you completed registration in step 1, the first employee( also the administrator) has been entered into the system. You are ready to test drive with the desktop computer or your mobile device now.

2.1 Clock in/clock out

Clock in  Clock out

2.2 View timesheets

view time sheet

2.3 View employee settings view employee list

2.4 Add and print a test paycheck if you are also interested in payroll feature add a paycheck

paycheck list

paycheck printing

Step 3: Set Up Your Company, Add More Employees and Access All Features.

After exploring the features, you can choose to use the timesheets feature, payroll feature or both features. You may also upgrade to both features at any time.

You can follow the guide below to set up your company, add more employees, start time tracking and print paychecks.

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  • Need Assistance?

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