How to set up employee attendance tracker over network?

Employee attendance tracking shouldn't be a nightmare for employers. Small business software provider, EzTimeSheet employee attendance tracking software automates employee time-tracking tasks and frees up managers’ time for more important tasks.

You can install ezTimeSheet on a stand-alone machine and use it as Time-Clock software. Or you can installed it on multiple machines and share the same database over network.

Here is the instruction how to set up network database when using ezTimeSheet Employee attendance tracking software.

Log on the first machine with administrator permission

Step 1: Install ezTimeSheet on your first machine (or server). 

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Step 2: Start ezTimeSheet. You can click the top menu "settings->Manage Database" to open Manange Database screen to view your current database path.

Step 3: (optional) Click "Backup Current Database" button to copy your current database to a network location.

Step 4: (optional): Then set up the database path to this new location.


For the 2nd machine, 3rd machine..

Install ezTimeSheet then repeat step 3. Then all users will share the same database file over network.



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