How to print Peachtree checks on the blank check stock

You need to export the check data from Peachtree first, then import them into ezCheckPrinting and print checks.


Step 1: Export check data from Peachtree to .csv file

- Start Peachtree, open the check Register Report

- On the Register Report screen, click the button “Edit->Copy” to copy your data to the clipboard.

- Open Microsoft Excel, then paste the report there (Ctrl+V ). 

- Delete the report title, summary data and empty space. You just need to keep the headers and check data.

- Click the top menu “File->Save as” to save this file as csv file (Comma delimited file). Close this file.

Step 2: Import check data to ezCheckPrinting and print checks

- Start ezCheckPrinting software and click the top menu “Import/Export->Import Checks” to open Import Checks screen.

- Follow the step by step instructions to import data. Close this screen.

- Select the new checks from list, click the “PRINT” button to print checks. 

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