How to Install ezPaycheck 2013 Software

We redesigned ezPaycheck 2013 to make it more user-friendly. In response to your requests, several new features were added to ezPaycheck 2013 payroll software


-          EzPaycheck can print the logo on check now

-          EzPaycheck allows users to customize check layout, change font, add the second signature line and add extra text fields now.

-          ezPaycheck supports more custom wage fields now

-          It supports more custom deduction fields now

-          New user interface with more form level help buttons

-          Database backup reminder


Option 1: If you have NOT installed ezPaycheck on your machine before, you can click here to install it directly.  

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Step by step guide can be found at download page


Option 2: If you have already installed ezPaycheck earlier version on your machine, please follow these steps:

Step 1: If you need to keep your data, please back up your database first. Otherwise you can skip this step.

Your data should be safe during this process. However, ezPaycheck 2013 may not be able to transfer your data to the new folder if your machine is with higher security settings. 

We would like to suggest you backup them to a folder or USB disk you can access easily. You can refer to this article for more details on database backup.



Step 2: Download ezPaycheck 2013 and install it. You can find step by step guide on the download page

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Step 3: Start ezPaycheck 2013. If you cannot find your company database, you can use the restore function to restore your backup file.


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