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i am need ez accounting software Desktop once pay and use for ever , how much price per year or per month , how many Computer install ,
Please view this guide

What is the cost of using ezAccounting software? 

1. If you do not need to use the payroll software, you do not need to update ezAccounting each year. The cost is $179 for single-user version. Right now, the special offer is $129 only.

2. If you need to use the payroll feature, you need to update ezAccounting each year.
The regular price is $179 for the first year, $149 for renew for the next year. Right now, we have ezAccounting 2022 & 2023 combo version for $199 only.

3. If you a CPA, ezAccounting can support unlimited client accounts on the same computer with no extra charge.

4. If you need to install ezAccounting on multiple computers, you can purchase multiple-user license at discount price.

Price list 

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