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looking to be able to add data (Payee, etc.) and then print the data on my pre-printed business checks, using a printer.

I am unclear whether you sell software for that purpose (I am enquiring about both Mac’s and PC’s), or a device.

Under the “Try it for Free” banner, there is a mention of a “Standalone desktop check writer”. Is that what I need to purchase, in order to use your software? Or is the device what I am purchasing from you, without any additional software?

Or, if you do sell software for this type of check printing, can I use it to print out checks on my attacher printer?

Thank you,
If you need to print business checks, ezCheckPrinting will work for you. The cost for single-user version is $49. We have ezChecKPrinting for Windows and Mac versions.

1. Please feel free to download the free demo version at

2. Then you can print data only on pre-printed check by following this guide.

3. Since you have the pre-printed checks, you can use any printer. (ie: laser or ink-jet printer.)

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.
If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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