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Hi, We are considering your cMac compatable check printing software for
our small non-profit group. I have some questions that I cannot find any
documentation for on your website.

1. We have pre-printed Quickbooks compatible three per page checks. Can
ezCheck print on these business checks?

2. There is mention of reports but no description or examples. We would
need a report of checks written in a date range with the date, payee,
check #, expense account and memo. Is this available in ezCheck? We do
not print payroll checks so we do not need any specific payroll reports.

3. Does ezCheck keep a searchable history of checks written?

Thank you,
Our ezCheckPrinting for Mac version will work for you. We will offer the freel demo version. Please feel free to test drive with no obligation. No credit card required. We are glad to assist you if you have any questions.

1. How to fill in data on 3-per-page pre-printed blank check.

Video: How fill in 3-per-page check.

2. Report feature

3. You can search by payee name and date range when you create a report.

4. Data export feature - if you need to customize report 

ezCheckPrinting Mac Download Link

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
Small business payroll & tax software solution