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I was looking on the Internet and I found your product. We only have 3 to 5
employees and I do not have the ability to complete the quarterly 940 other
than manually . I wanted to check if I purchase your $89 package will I be
able to print the quarterly 941 ? Also for the annual w-2 process is there
an additional cost ? thanks
Yes, ezPaycheck payroll software  can work for you.

- ezPaycheck is designed for small business. It is very user-friendly.
- ezPaycheck can calculate payroll taxes and print paychecks.
- ezPaycheck can print tax forms 940, 941, W2 and W3.
- ezPaycheck is $89 per installation per calendar year. No hidden cost.

I would like to invite you download and try ezPaycheck for free before purchasing at

Quick Start Guide 

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

Thank you.
Please feel free to contact us directly  if you need assistance
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