Halfpricesoft Online Payroll Quick Start Guide

How to Enter the YTD Manually

  • Step 1: Set up Company Payroll and Tax Information
  • Step 2: Check Setup
  • Step 3: Add Employees
  • Step 4: Add Payroll YTD Information Manually(Optional)
  • Step 5: Add and Print Paychecks
  • Payroll Faqs

  • You can switch to halfpricesoft online payroll system anytime in a year. You can use this YTD screen to enter the previous payroll data. YTD means Year-to-date. It is a period from the beginning of the current year, and continues up to the present day.

    For example, you handled the paychecks for employee Best Anna manually from 1/1/2018 to 3/31/2018. You plan to use our payroll system from 4/1/2018 to 4/15/2018 pay period. Instead of entering the Jan, Feb and March paychecks one by one into this system, you can use this manual YTD screen to enter the summary data only.

    You just need to enter the YTD data manually once before you add the first paycheck for this employee. The YTD information on the check stubs will update automatically each time you add a new paycheck into our system.

    employee YTD menu

    employee YTD screen

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