Halfpricesoft Online: Payroll Guide

Step 5: Add and Print Paychecks

  • Step 1: Set up Company Payroll and Tax Information
  • Step 2: Check Setup
  • Step 3: Add Employees
  • Step 4: Add Payroll YTD Information Manually(Optional)
  • Step 5: Add and Print Paychecks
  • Payroll Faqs

  • 5.1 Add a Paycheck

    You can click the left menu "Payroll" then "Add Paycheck" to view payroll input screen.

  • 5.1.1 Add a paycheck by salary

  • add paycheck by salary

  • 5.1.2 Add a paycheck by hourly rate

  • add paycheck by hourly rate

    5.2 Print Paychecks on pre-printed checks or blank stock


    Print a paycheck on pre-printed check

    You can click the left menu "Payroll" then "Paycheck List" to view paychecks.

    paycheck list

    print paycheck


    Print multiple paychecks on pre-printed check

    Select multiple paychecks from the list and print together.

    print paycheck


    Print paycheck(s) on blank stock with Virtual Printer

    Due to banking regulations, our Halfpricesoft online payroll solution does not support direct printing of paychecks on blank stock. Nevertheless, you have the option to efficiently and cost-effectively print checks on blank stock using the Virtual Printer feature.

    How to print checks on blank stock with virtual printer

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