How to run a program as the administrator

by admin 16. February 2012 15:43

Problem: I installed ezW2 and see the shortcut icon from my desktop. However I cannot start this application.


Solution: Usually this issue is caused by permission problem. Please make sure you have enough permission on your local machine to install a new program and run a program.



You can log in as administrator to install this program and run it. If you can run it as administrator but cannot run it as normal user. You need give normal user running and write/read permission to this application and the applicaiton folder.



If you are the administrator of your machine and still see this problem, you can try the following steps.



For Windows 7 and 8 machines

1.       Select the shortcut icon from your desktop.

For example, if you are running ezW2 2011 now, you can select ezW2 2011 shortcut


2.       Press the right button of the mouse, then you will see the pop up menu. Then click the sub menu Properties  to open the Properties screen

3.       Click the tab “Compatibility”, then check the option “Run this program as an administrator”.

4.       Click the Apply button.

5.       Click the OK button to close this screen

6.       Then double click the shortcut icon to start your application again.


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how to view hidden files in windows

by admin 13. October 2011 04:05

- Open control panel
- Open folder options
- Change the settings to show hidden files, folders and drives

- Click OK button to save change.

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How to change Windows machine screen resolution?

by admin 20. September 2011 03:53

Question: I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. The windows of ezPaycheck will not fill the monitor's screen and on some of them the words are partially cut off.

Answer: The possible reason is the screen resolution is too low. Usually increasing the screen resolution can fix such problem. Following is the guide to change the resolution settings.

You can check your screen resolution by right clicking an empty space on your screen, then select "properties" from pop up menu. I attached the image of screen resolution with this message. You can change it by move the slide bar. 

display resolution
 Screen resolution settings. (image: display_resolution_settings.jpg)

Why just half of check or image or form or report printed from my printer?

by admin 10. April 2011 02:29

Several users asked why just half of check or image or form was printed when they printed it from printer recently. So we decide to add the solutions to our blog.

The most common reason for this issue is the printer uses the wrong size paper. You should use the Letter size paper when you print the check. (image printer.jpg)

printer property image

It can also be a display problem caused by the machine setting or the printer settings. User can change these settings to fix this printing problem.

1. Machine resolution settings. (image: display_resolution_settings.jpg)
display resolution

You can check your screen resolution by right clicking an empty space on your screen, then select "properties" from pop up menu. I attached the image of screen resolution with this message. You can change it by move the slide bar. 

2. Machine DPI settings: (image: display_dpi.jpg)
display dpi settings
1. Open the control panel.
2. Double click the display to open display properties page.
3. Select Settings tab, then click the advanced button.
4. On Plug and Play Monitor form, there is DPI setting under General tab. Please make sure the DPI settings is Normal size (96 dpi).
5. Click the OK button to save your change.
6 Click the OK button on display properties form to save your change.
3. Printer settings
- Open Control Panel
- Click Printer and Fax
- Select the current printer, then press the right mouse button to display the pop menu. Select click "Printing Preferences.." to view printer settings. (see attached image printer_view_properties.jpg)
display dpi settings

- Click Print Quality Tab
- Change the Resolutions to a lower value. (see attached image printer_print_quality.jpg)
- Then click the OK button to save your changes.

display dpi settings

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How to create a shortcut on the Desktop

by admin 25. March 2011 05:15

One user contacted us today on how to create a shortcut of ezPaycheck payroll software on desktop because he deleted it by mistake. Our support team think maybe other users need this tip too. 

Following is the easiest way to create a new desktop shortcut for a program or file in Windows envrionment.

  • Rght-click an open area on the desktop, point to New, and then click Shortcut.
  • Click Browse.
  • Locate the program or file to which you want to create a shortcut, click the program or file, click Open, and then click Next.
  • Type a name for the shortcut. If a Finish button appears at the bottom of the dialog box, click it. If a Next button appears at the bottom of the dialog box, click it, click the icon you want to use for the shortcut, and then click Finish.
  • More information on how to create shortcut for networking connection or objects can be found at

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    How to Lock Your PC Automatically When You are away from Your Desk

    by admin 29. October 2010 11:19

    Your payroll tax or check data is important, then you should keep them safe and security. However, if you don’t have the habit of locking your PC manually then I seriously advise you to turn on system auto lock feature.

    Micrsoft Windows system has password protect option in screen savers. If you have enabled this feature, the system would automatically lock itself as soon as the screen saver comes up. On resume, you will be asked for the password before you can enter.

    1) Right click on the desktop -> Personalize -> Screen Saver.

    2) If you are using Vista, check the box which says ‘On resume, display logon screen‘ or else in Windows XP this would be ‘On resume, password protect‘.

    3) Save and close. Next time you move out of your PC it will lock itself after the time you have mentioned in the screen saver settings.


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