Unlimited W2 and 1099 NEC Form Printing - New 2022 ezW2 Software Is Available For January 31 Deadline

by tammieb 8. November 2022 07:00


Latest ezW2 2022 software allows clients to file unlimited W2 and 1099-NEC tax forms with one flat rate. Download and test drive by visiting halfpricesoft.com.



Designed with simplicity in mind, ezW2 is flexible, inexpensive and reliable. Starting at $49.00 for a single user print form version,  Halfpricesoft.com is confident that this tax software is easy for novice customers W2 1099 tax reporting is a breeze for new and seasoned customers.  Download ezW2 2022 software for up to 30 days to try before purchase at: https://www.halfpricesoft.com/w2_software.asp

Get Extended Customer Support Hours On January 31, 2022 For ezW2 2021

by tammieb 12. January 2022 21:03

Extended customer support hours offered on January 31, 2022 at no cost for customer’s and small business owners who utilize 2021 ezW2 software.

Employers can get details by visiting https://www.halfpricesoft.com/w2_software.asp.


Process W2 and W3 on plain white paper (SSA approved). Process 1099 NEC and 1096 with preprinted red forms. Unlimited form processing from ezW2 2021 from Halfpricesoft.com

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1099- NEC | W2 and W3 Form Processing

ez1099 Filing Deadlines for 2021 Forms

by tammieb 3. January 2022 21:08

1099 Form Deadlines Met When Utilizing The Latest 2021 ez1099 Software From Halfpricesoft.com


Recipient Copy Due Date

January 31, 2022.

IRS Copy and Form 1096 Due Date

1. New filing date. File Copy A of Form 1099-nec with the IRS on or before January 31, 2022 using either paper or electronic filing procedures.

2. New filing date. File Copy A of Form 1099-misc with the IRS by February 28, 2022, if you file on paper, or March 31, 2022, if you file electronically.


3. Form 1096 must accompany all paper submissions.


Download and test for compatilibitly at no cost or obligation using the link below

t https://www.halfpricesoft.com/1099_software.asp


New ezW2 2021 Software Gives CPA and Employers A Better Wait To Process Forms Before Deadline

by tammieb 25. December 2021 20:25


Latest ezW2 2021 software allows clients to file both W2 forms for employees and 1099-NEC for contractors with one flat rate. Download and test drive by visiting halfpricesoft.com.

Don’t stress about the upcoming January 31 deadline to file tax forms. Halfpricesoft.com developer’s have just released ezW2 2021 tax preparation software to beat the January 31, 2022 deadline.  Customers can print or efile unlimited  forms quickly.  With our customer support team support, even new customers can complete this task with ease and peace of mind. Download below to test drive https://www.halfpricesoft.com/w2_software.asp

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ezW2 | 1099- NEC

ez1099 2021 Is Now Available For Processing 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC and A Variety of Other 1098 and 1099 Forms

by tammieb 29. October 2021 12:12

Accountants, HR managers and employers that want to process 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC tax forms can process Forms quickly  and easily. Even better, it processes unlimited 1098 and 1099 forms for unlimited companies all for one cost.


Ez1099 2021 has just been released to easily process 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC forms as well as many other 1098 and 1099 forms.  Get the trial version at no cost or obligation at halfpricesoft.com.

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1099- NEC | 1099-MISC

Just Released 2021 ezW2 ! Approved By SSA to File Tax Forms for the Coming 2022 Tax Season

by tammieb 22. October 2021 12:57

As always, ezW2 is SSA approved to print W2 and W3 Copy A on plain white paper! Save time and money with this feature.  


Prices start at only $49 for unlimited printing for the small business paper printing version ($99 for the  enterprise version) ezW2  2021 software automates the process of completing, printing and filing all W2, W3, 1099-NEC and 1096 forms, In-house!

Download and test it with no cost or obligation by visiting https://www.halfpricesoft.com/w2_software.asp.

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