How to Make Federal Tax Deposit

Deposit Schedule

The IRS provides different deposit schedules based on the size of your tax liability. Ensure you are aware of your specific deposit schedule (monthly or semiweekly) to avoid penalties and interest. If you have any questions about your deposit schedule, please contact your local IRS office directly.
Options to Make Federal Tax Deposit

IRS provides various options to accommodate different taxpayer preferences and ensure a seamless deposit process.

#1: Using Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS):

The EFTPS is a secure and convenient online platform provided by the IRS for making federal tax deposits. Registering for EFTPS allows you to schedule payments in advance, track your payment history, and receive instant confirmation of your deposits.

#2: Using ACH Payment

You can use the ACH transactions to pay employees, vendors and governments.

Most banks will not enable the ACH payment feature when you open an account. You can talk with the business support team in your bank to enable the ACH payment feature.

#3 Same-Day Wire Transfer
It's important to note that same-day wire transfers may involve transaction fees imposed by your bank, so be sure to inquire about any associated costs beforehand.

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