How to print Quicken business checks on the blank check paper

We released Virtual Printer in summer 2012. Now you can print Quicken business Checks on blank stock in one step now. Please check the new article here



This is the step by step guide on how to print Quicken business checks on the blank check stock. If you need to print pocket-size personal check, you can refer to this article.



Step 1: Export check data from Quicken to .csv file

·         Start Quicken, open the checking account and click the right button “Amount Actions->More reports->register report” to open Register Report


·         On the Register Report screen, click the button “Export->Copy Report to Clipboard” to copy your data to the clipboard.


·         Open Microsoft Excel, then paste the report there (Ctrl+V ).

·         Delete the report title, summary data and empty space. You just need to keep the headers and check data.


·         Quicken always displays outflow amount in negative value. You can correct it manually or use formula to correct it.


·         Click the top menu “File->Save as” to save this file as csv file (Comma delimited file).  Close this file.


Step 2: Import check data to ezCheckPrinting and print checks 

·         Start ezCheckPrinting software and click the top menu “Import/Export->Import Checks” to open Import Checks screen.

·         Follow the step by step instructions to import data. Close this screen.


·         Select the new checks from list, click the “PRINT” button to print checks.


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