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I am trying to determine how many W2/W3 forms to order.
For example for red W2 you have 10 forms on five sheets but EZ-Accounting on prints 1 per sheet. For W3 you have 5 transmittal forms and I only need to send one.

Can you give me some guidance on what to order for 6 employees?
Here are two options. Many ezAccounting clients like option 2 because it is flexible.

Option 1: Order red forms
ezAccounting prints red from W2 copy A with one form per sheet format. I would like to suggest 10 sheets of W2 copy A and 5 sheets of W3.

ezAccounting: How to print W2 form

Option 2: Use ezW2 software ($49) with ezAccounting software.

- ezW2 can print All W2 forms and W3 on white paper, SSA approved.
- ezW2 can import data from ezAccounting software.
- ezW2 can print 1099-nec and 1096 form for contractors also.
- You can edit W2, 1099 forms if needed.

We offer the free demo version of ezW2 software. Please feel free to test drive with no obligation.

How eW2 works with ezAccounting

ezW2 Free DEMO version download

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

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