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I am interested in your service but have a few questions:

1. Can check layout be changed/altered
a. would like payee name and address in the area of "pay to the order of"
b. do not want a memo line
2. How do I calculate/find out local tax amount?

Thanks for your time.

Do you have questions about ezCheckPrinting business check writer? Here are the answers.

1. check layout
Yes, you can change the check layout. You can move payee name, address or other fields.

2. Stub layout - you can hide Note 2.

3. Local tax
ezCheckPrinting is check writer and does not calculate taxes. Do you need payroll software to calculate payroll taxes? If yes, you may try ezPaycheck payroll software.

ezCheckPrinting check writer - $39 per installation, one time charge 

ezPaycheck payroll software - $99 per calendar year per installation 

Thank you.
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