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I am reviewing your software for an issue I have with my incorrectly filed W2's and I am not sure the software will be able to handle. All of my W2's had incorrect Employer ID numbers, each W2 was different, computer glitch. I understand to correct I have to file 2 W2C's and 2 W3C's reducing the incorrect Employer information to zero and then the correct information on the correct employer number. But it appears once I enter an employer ID in the setup it changes all the W2c's to that number. Is there a way to adjust individual W2C's for a different employer ID number?

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Our ezW2Correction can work for you. Please follow this guide.

1. Download ezW2Correction
We offer the free demo version. Please feel free to test drive with no obligation and no cost.


2. File two sets of forms to correct employer ID error.

How to Correct an Incorrect Tax Year and/or EIN Error on W-2 Tax Form

ezW2Correction comes with data import feature to speed up form filing.

Price and feature list

Please let us know if you still have any questions.

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