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ezW2Correction, W2C & W3C Software FAQs:

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  • General Questions
  • Download, install and Uninstall
  • Purchase, Update, Upgrade

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Account Management
  • Data Backup, Restore and Transfer

  • W2C, W3C Forms Printing and E-filing
  • Data Import and Export
  • Multiple User and Network Setup

  • How ezW2Correction works with QuickBooks, ezW2 and other software
  • Instructions link
  • Troubleshooting

    General Questions about ezW2Correction

    • 1. Is this W2C software for me?
      Yes, if you need to fill, print and file W-2C, W-3C tax forms. Trying ezW2Correction is risk-free! It fits for companies and accountants. EzW2Correction offers the flexible and easy-to-use features.

    • 2. Will SSA accept black and white substitute forms on blank paper?
      Yes, SSA will accept the substitute forms printed by approved software (ezW2Correction SSA-approval document). You can use ink-jet printer and laser printer.

      If you prefer the traditional red-ink forms, ezW2Correction also prints data only on preprinted W2C and W3C forms.

    • 3. Is support free for ezW2Correction?
      Yes, you can get free tech support from us by writing to

    • 4. Can ezW2Correction software support multiple companies?
      Yes, ezW2Correction software can support unlimited companies, recipients and forms with no extra charge. Many of our customers are CPAs and tax preparers.

    • 5. Helpful tips to file W2C and W3C forms

    Install and Uninstall

    • 1. Does ezW2Correction work with Windows 10 machine?

    • 2. What are the System Requirements for ezW2Correction?
      Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 and other Windows systems, 32-bit or 64 bit, .Net Framework v2.0 or later

    • 3. I am using XP machine with .net framework 1.0. Where I can find .net framework 2.0 and later?
      You can download .net framework from microsoft web site and installed it on your machine. The .net framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 or later can coexist. Following is the download link of Microsoft .net Framework Version 3.5.
      You can install the .net framework first, then install ezW2Correction.

    • 4. Can ezW2Correction run on MAC machine?
      Please check this article How to run Windows application on MAC machine

    • 5. How to uninstall ezW2Correction software?
      Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features. Select ezW2Correction from program list, and then click Uninstall.

    Purchase, Update

    • 1. What is the cost of ezW2Correction?
      EzW2Correction basic version is $49. If you need to import data from external file, you can purchase the advanced version at $79.

      Both versions can support the white paper printing function. Both versons can support unlimited accounts and forms on the same machine with no extra charge.

    • 2. Is there any extra charge to add a new company account or a new recipient.
      No, ezW2Correction can support unlimited accounts and forms with one flat rate. That is maybe one reason many accountants, CPAs and tax service providers like this software.

    • 3. How to purchase this W2C software?
      ezW2 software can be purchased from: Our system will send you the key code once the transaction completes.

    • 4. How long does it take to get the license key?
      Our system will send the key automatically once the transaction completes. Some mail server may block the message. If you cannot get it in 30 minutes, please contact us at

    • 6. How to register a license?

    • 7. How to transfer a license?

    • 8. How to roll forward previous data?

    Account Management

    Data Backup, Restore and Transfer

    • 1. Can backuped my data to USB disk?
      Yes, ezW2Correction supports data back up and restore features. You can back up your data to USB, online drive, other folder or computer.

    • 3. How to restore data?

    • 4. I just bought a new computer. How can I move my ezW2Correction to my new one?
      You can back up the data to USB disk first, install the ezW2Correction on the new machine, restore the data from USB disk to the new machine. If you need to use ezW2Correction on both machines, you should purchase the second license key.

    • 5. How to move data to a new computer?

    • 6. How to roll forward previous data?

    W2C & W3C Forms Printing and E-filing

    Data Import and Export

    Mulitple Users Sharing and Network Printing

    • 1. Can ezW2 allow mutiple users to share the same account and print tax forms?
    • Yes, ezW2Correction 2013 and later can support this feature.

    • 2. How can multiple ezW2 users share the account data
    • You can view step by step guide on how to share data and print tax form here

    How ezW2Correction works with QuickBooks, ezW2 and other software

    ezW2Correction can import data from .csv file, iif file, W2 W3 efile document.

    Instructions Link

    • Where I can find instructions of w2-C and W3-C forms?
      - Start ezW2Correction
      - Click the top menu "Help"
      - Click the sub menu "W2C/W3c Instructions".

      Or you can click this link


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