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Our company purchased your ezPaycheck payroll software, and I have downloaded it. Now I'm trying to enter company, deductions, and employee information. Washington has the Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave deduction and the Washington Cares deduction. Do I enter those in the other deductions boxes? Also, where do I enter worker's compensation rates? Thank you.
Thank you for contacting us. Yes, ezPaycheck will fit your needs to handle deductions (ie: 401K, insurance) and payments (ie: pay employee with both salary and hourly rate)

Do you know we offer the free demo version of ezPaycheck payroll software? Please feel free to test drive with no obligation. No credit card required.

Below are the our answers and suggestions:

1. Download ezPaycheck free demo version

2. Set your company 

You can set up the pay period, deductions (ie: 401K) in this step.

3. Import employees (with sample file)

You can import the basic information of employees. You need to review and edit employee settings after you import the data.

4. Enter the YTD data if you switch to ezPaycheck in mid year. 

5. Create and print paychecks for regular employees

Follow this guide to pay employee with both yearly salary and hourly rate

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.
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