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ezDocuReader Software: Create a Template

A template will tell ezDocuReader how to extract data from your PDF or image data file(s). For example: you need to read the Employee Name, SSN, Payments from the W2 form(s). (Note: You can skip this step if you will use the predefined templates.)
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Start ezDocuReader, click the top menu "Template" then "Add template" to view the "Document Data Template" screen.

add a template menu

Step 1: Load data file

1.1 Click the "Load A Data File" link to select the data file

1.2 Navigate to your data file folder

1.3 Select one file and click the "Open" button to open it.

select the data file

1.4 You will see the data file on screen. You can resize it for your screen.

load data file on screen

Step 2: Add Content Selection

2.1 Add the select box for the first field.

add a selection box

2.2 Add the select box for the 2nd field.

2.2.1 You can follow step 2.1 to add a new select box for the next field.

2.2.2 You can also add a new selection by duplicating an existing one.

- select one select box
- Right click the mouse button to view the pop up menu
- Click the "Copy" menu
- Click the "Paste" menu to duplicate the selection box
- Move the selection box to the correct location
- Enter the item name

duplicate a selection box

2.3 Add more selection boxes

2.4 Click "Verify Template" button to verify

2.5 Click "Save" button to save the template.

You can click the "Save Template" anytime. You can continue to add extra select boxes if needed.

More information

  • How to edit a template?

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