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ezDocuReader: Quick Start Guide

Step 1. Install and run ezDocuReader

Step 2. Create a template (Optional)

Step 3. Read data

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    What ezDocuReader can do for you?

    ezDocuReader software makes it easy to read/extract data from reports, documents, invoices, receipts, images, bank statements, and save the data into .csv file.

  • View ezDocuReader application samples

  • Install and run ezDocuReader

    1. If you have not installed ezDocuReader, you are welcome to test drive the free DEMO version with no obligation before you purchase it. No credit card is needed.

    2. After you installed ezDocuReader, a desktop shortcut will be created. You can double click it to run ezDocuReader.

    ezDocuReader desktop shortcut

    3. If you have not registered the license, you will see the key input pop up screen.
    - You can copy and paste your license there
    - Or you can click the "Try Demo Version" to continue.

    input key code

    4. Then you will see ezDocuReader main screen.

    main screen

    Next Step: Create a Template >>


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