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What Is the Cost of Using ezDocuReader Software


Any monthly fee or annual fee? No

There is no monthly fee, no annual fee and no hidden cost to use ezDocuReader software.

Any cost to transfer ezDocuReader to a new computer if my computer is crashed?

No extra cost if you will use the same version.

For example: You purchased ezDocuReader version I. You can transfer ezDocuReader version I to a new computer for free if your old computer is crashed. However, if you want to use ezDocuReader version II on the new computer, you need to purchase the new license.

Is it free to update ezDocuReader software?

If you purchased ezDocuReader version II, you will get updates for version II for free. If you purchased version I, you need to purchase the new license key to use the latest version.

Do I need to update each time when a new version is available?

It is optional. If you can run ezDocuReader from your computer with no problem, you do not need to update ezDocuReader.

Support: Free Email, Live Chat, Phone and Forum Support

We will charge for remote access support and customized design support. We are glad to assist you before and after purchasing ezDocuReader software.

Multiple-user license

If you need to install ezDocuReader software on more than one computer or you have multiple users in your company, you need to purchase the multiple-user version.

Test Drive: Try ezDocuReader for 30-day free before purchasing, with No Obligation and No Cost

If you have not installed this software, you can download and try it free for 30 days with no obligation and no credit card needed. (Note: The trial version will extract partial data only. If you like ezDocuReader, you can purchase the license key to read all data.)

ezDocuReader software is compatible with Windows.


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