ezCheckPrinting Software Development Tools Guide

With ezCheckPrinting development tools, you can import/insert checks from your system (such as SQL, Oracle, file or others) into ezCheckPrinting application. Then you can call PRINT() function to print checks in your application.

Download ezCheckPrinting Connector Development Tool

In order to customize your check, this tool have to be used with ezCheckPrinting software together.
Download ezCheckPrinting

  • Where to start?
    There is a demo appliction with source code in C# installed on C:\Users\Public\Documents\ezCheckPrintingConnector\. Developer can use this code as examples.

  • What will the development tool do?
    This development tool will import and print checks from ezCheckPrinting software's database. Developer can select database and printer from this development tools. However, for the check layout and company settings, developer have to modify from ezCheckPrinting software. Developer can check writing features the his own application by using this development tool.

  • Functions available from this development tool

    public CheckConnector() //The constructor to connector class.
    public int Print(DateTime dtFrom, DateTime dtTo) //Print check(s) by date. Return the printed check count.
    public int Print(int CheckNo)//Print single check by check number. CheckNo is the check number to be printed.
    public int GetCheckCount(DateTime dtFrom, DateTime dtTo)//Get check count between the time range dtFrom and dtTo.
    public DataTable GetChecks(DateTime dtFrom, DateTime dtTo)//Get the checks in DataTable between the time range dtFrom and dtTo.
    public int Import(string strImportFile, ImportColumnMap ColumnMap)//Import checks from flat file. See the demo application for the usage of this function.
    public int InsertSingleCheck(string PayeeName, decimal Amount, DateTime CheckDate, string Memo, string Note1, string Note2, string Address1, string Address2, string Address3, string Address4)//Insert a single check to database. The return value is the check number.

    public string Account //The full database directory used in the application.
    public string Printer //The printer name to print check.
    public CheckType CheckType //Select the check type which is: CheckOnTop = 1, CheckOnMiddle = 2, CheckOnBottom = 3, ThreePerPage = 4
    public bool PrintWithPreview //Set the check to be preview or not when printing.
    public bool PrintCheckWithNoStub //Set the check's stub to be printed or not.

  • About the demo project
    The demo appliction is located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\ezCheckPrintingConnector\. It shows how to print check by date, number; import checks, select options. demo image