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Quick Start Guide (for Windows)

Unlimted Accounts and Unlimited Checks with One Flat Rate. No Hidden Cost

How to Print QuickBooks Checks on Blank Stock  

Never order expensive pre-printed blank checks for QuickBooks. You can follow the steps below to install ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer, set up bank account, and print QuickBooks checks on blank stock easily.

Step 1: Install both ezCheckPrinting and Virtual Printer
Step 2: Set up account: run ezCheckPrinting application at least once and print a test check
Step 3: Print QuickBooks Checks

  • ezCheckPrinting QB version can work with QuickBooks online, desktop 2023, 2022, 2021 and previous versions on Windows machines.
  • You can print checks and stubs on blank stock in one step.
  • You can print pre-printed check with MICR encoding to fill in manually later
  • You can print checks with logo, signature and extra labels.
  • You can print check draft to collect fund via phone, fax and internet
  • ezCheckPrinting single user version can support multiple accounts on the same machine with no extra charge. We also have multiple-user network version available for customers who need to print QB checks from multiple machines.
  • No monthly fee or annual fee.
    Note: For QuickBooks online version customers, ADOBE or ADOBE compatible PDF reader is required to print checks correctly. Otherwise, you may get "Index was out of bounds of array" or other error. Learn more here
    You can print QuickBooks checks on blank stock in one step! ezCheckPrinting works with QuickBooks online, desktop and network versions.

    Full Guide for QuickBooks Online Users (Short Guide for: Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox)
    Full Guide for QuickBooks Desktop Users

    Step 1: Install both ezCheckPrinting and Virtual Printer for QuickBooks on your Windows computer.

    To print checks from QuickBooks and Quicken (no matter desktop version, network version or online version), you need to install both ezCheckPrinting and Virtual Printer on your local machine

    You can try ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer for free with no obligation before purchasing. However, the trial version will print TRIAL images on checks. You can purchase the key code later to remove it. All the data you entered in the trial version will stay there.

  • 1.1 Download ezCheckPrinting application

  • Download ezCheckPrinting >>

  • 1.2 Download ezCheckPrinting virtual Printer for QuickBooks

  • Download QB Virtual Printer >>

    Step 2: Run ezCheckPrinting application at least once and print a test check to make sure both ezCheckPrinting and your printer work

    - You need to use a real physical printer to print test checks in this step. (Do not use the QB virtual printer)

    - If you need to print check with 3-per-page format, please specify the check position in step 2.2

    2.1 Start ezCheckPrinting

    The virtual printer will call ezCheckPrinting CheckPrint() function to print check(s) from QuickBooks and Quicken. So you need to run ezCheckPrinting software at least once before you can print checks from QuickBooks.

    You can click the desktop shortcut to start ezCheckPrinting application.

    ezCheckPrinting desktop shortcut

    If you have not purchased the key code, you can use the trial version.

    ezCheckPrinting desktop shortcut

    2.2 Set up Account

    For testing purpose, you can use the test data without setting up your bank account. If you need to set up bank account or customize your check, please make sure you checked the option to use blank stock on check set up screen. You can access this screen by clicking ezCheckPrinting top menu "Settings", then the sub menu "check setup". You can select "Top" or "Bottom" or "3-per-page" for check position field.

    check setup

    2.3 Add and print one test check

  • 2.3.1 Go back to the main page. Click the New button to add a check.

  • 2.3.2 Select this check from the check list and click the Print button to print your check.
    bank check with logo

  • 2.3.3 Select Printer
  • select tray

  • 2.3.4 Preview and print check
  • You can click the printer icon to print check on paper from preview screen.

    Step 3: Print checks from QuickBooks on blank stock in one step.

    Note: For QuickBooks Online
    1. Please open QuickBooks with browser(ie: Chrome). You cannot use App!
    2. Please make sure your browser supports ADOBE PDF feature.

    Video guide: How to enable ADOBE PDF reader and print QuickBooks Online checks on blank stock

    Guide with screenshots: How to enable ADOBE PDF for browser?

  • 3.1 Start QuickBooks and print checks as usual. On print check option screen, select EzCheckPrinting QuickBooks Virtual Printer as the current printer

  • You MUST select voucher check or 1 per page format in this step. If you need to print checks in different formats such as 3-per-page, you can specify the check format inside ezCheckPrinting in step 2.2. (Learn more about how to print checks on 3-per-page sheets)

    - for desktop version

    quickbooks check printing

    - for online version

    quickbooks online check printing
  • 3.2 If you are using trial version, you will see the key input pop up window. Once you enter the key code, you will not see it again.

    If you are using the trial version and your computer hides the pop up screen, please refer to this guide to display the pop up screen.

    You should copy and paste the key code including "-" for ezCheckPrinting virtual printer here. (Guide: How to register the license)

  • 3.3 You can switch account and printer in this step

  • If your computer hides the pop up screen, please refer to this guide to display the pop up screen.

    check account and printer

  • 3.4 Print preview the check(s).
  • You can click the printer icon to print QuickBooks checks on blank stock. Please close this preview screen after you print the check(s).

    print quickbooks checks

  • 3.5 Print paper check(s).
  • print QuickBooks checks on blank stock with a laser printer

    Common issue

    If you are using QuickBooks online verison, please make sure you are using ADOBE or ADOBE compatible PDF driver as the default PDF printer for your browser. Otherwise, you may get "Index out of bounds of array" error when you print the checks. You can learn more here

    Quick Solution

    If you need to print checks today, you can also follow this 2-step guide to write checks first.

  • How to print checks on blank stock - 2-step Guide

    Still have questions?

    help image If you have still have questions, you can also check the FAQs page or contact us at We are glad to assist you as soon as possible.

    You will never waste your pre-printed checks when you change your bank or move to a new location. Printing checks with ezCheckPrinting software is easier, cheaper, safer and faster with free test drive.

    free check printing software

    Print QuickBooks/Quicken Checks on Blank Stock In One Step

    Compatible with QuickBooks/Quicken Online, Desktop Version 2023, 2022, 2021 and previous versions.

    Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP and other versions.

    ezCheckPrinting Virtual Printer: Save Time and Cut Cost!


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