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HPS Payment Service Guide for ezPaycheck Clients

Create and Verify Account

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To pay employees with direct deposit, you need to create an account and enter the payer information. It may take 1 to 5 days to verify your account.

1. Create an Account

1.1. Start ezPaycheck, click the left menu "Checks" then "Direct Deposit" link to access the Log in screen.

If you have already created an account, please log in directly.

Common Errors
Error xxx1 Company EIN has been used by another log in

1.2. Click the "Create Account" link.

1.3. Enter your email and password, and click "Create Account" to submit the request

1.4. Check your email account and verify the email address

Please check both inbox and spam folders!

1.5 Review and accept agreement to create account

2. Verify Employer Account

2.1. Enter Business Information

2.2. Add Beneficial Owner

  • Why do we need benefical owners?
  • This step is required by Federal financial rule for some businesses.

  • Who need benefical owner?
  • Sole proprietorships, Unincorporated association, Trust, Publicly traded corporations, Non-profits Do NOT need Beneficial Owners.

    For Corporation, LLCs, Partnerships, LP's, LLP's, if owners owns 25% or more, owners should be ADDED as Beneficial Owners.

    2.3. Add Business & Identity Documents

    2.4. Manage Funding Source

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