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QuickBooks Check Printing: Can Not Find Check Number Error

Question: I want to print directly from QuickBooks, I downloaded everything correctly, after choosing in QB the ezcheckprinting driver anew screen opens up to choose the account and printer, when I clock ok I'm getting the below error "Error in finding check numbers", please advise.

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Solution: Please try the steps below:

Step 1: Please make sure you are using the latest version ezCheckPrinting software and virtual printer.

- You can check ezCheckPrinting version by clicking ezCheckPrinting top menu "help", then click "About ezCheckPrinting".

- You can check virtual Printer version from "control panel" then "Programs and features".

- You can check the current latest version from ezCheckPrinting download page.

If you are using the old versions, please
- Back up your data first
- Uninstall ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer
- Download the latest ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer. Run ezCheckPrinting at least once before you print QuickBooks checks.

Step 2: Check your bank account name ****

The account database name should looks like "BankXYZ" or "Bank 1234". Do not use special characters in the account name. Some customers reported their systems could not recognize the special characters after they updated Windows system.

database file name

If you have speical characters in account name, you can rename it by:
- Click the top menu "Accounts->Duplicate Current Account"
- CLick the top menu "Accounts->Select account" to switch the current account
Then print a check from this account. If it works, you can goto step 4.

Step 3: Add a new account to test it

3.1 Start ezCheckPrinting, you can add a new account by clicking the top menu "Account" then click "New Account". You can use the "Test1234" as the new account name. You can use default bank set up for testing purpose.

3.2 Add and print a check on white paper with a real physical printer. (Do not use the virtual printer in this step.)

If this step works, continue. Otherwise, please contact us for support.

3.3 Start QuickBooks and print a check from Quickbooks through Virtual Printer. You should select the new account you used in last step.

3.4 If you can print QuickBooks with a new account, your previous database might be crashed. You need to create a new account inside ezCheckPrinting and stop using the old one.

Step 4: Contact us and email us the data file

If you see any error in Step 2 and 3, you can contact us at ""

Please include
- Detailed error message
- Step you see this error
- Your QuickBooks version, ie: QuickBooks APP, QuickBooks Online version, or desktop version, Year 2017 version or Year 2012 version

- Please print a check from QB to duplicate this error, then attach the file "qbfile0001.txt" below with your message

File path:

We will set up a test box and check this issue as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours.