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Why I received "invalid license" error after I updated ezCheckPrinting and QB virtual printer

The ezCheckPrinting license codes are different for each version. For example: the old version 7 license will NOT work for the version 8. If you see license key issue, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Find out the version number of your current ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer installed

Click the "Start" button , click on "Control Panel", click on "Programs", and then click on "Programs and Features". You will see the version number of both ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer.

input key code

Step 2: Find out which license you purchased

Please search your email account for the license message. You can search by "ezCheckPrinting" keyword.

For the version 8 and 9, you will see only one key for both ezCheckPrinting and QB virtual printer.
ezCheckPrinting for QB key code

For the version 7, 6 or 5, you will see two keys: one for ezCheckPrinting and one for QB virtual printer.
ezCheckPrinting virtual printer key code

Step 3: Solutions:

3.1 Roll back to previous version.
How to rollback to the previous version if ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer version 8 were installed by mistake

3.2 Purchase the new version
If you like to purchase the latest version, please contact us for the special upgrade link for previous ezCheckPrinting clients.

What is new with version 8 for Windows:

Per clients' requests, we improved ezCheckPrinting version 8:
  • Updates for Windows 10, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks 2021 and some printers.
  • It is easier to customize the check layout. You can select one field by double clicking it.
  • More form level help links.
  • Bank set up is more flexible for foreign checks and special US checks.
  • Some fixes for the check printing issues with some computer/printer settings
  • Support longer payee list

  • What is new with version 9 for Windows:

    Per clients' requests, we improved ezCheckPrinting:
  • Enhancements made for Windows 11 compatibility and latest printer drivers
  • Compatibility updates for QuickBooks online and QuickBooks 2023
  • Note fields now support multiple lines
  • Improved logo and signature functionality for easier data sharing
  • Introduction of the new password protection feature in the network version
  • Increased maximum pay amount from $9,999,999.99 to $99,999,999.99