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Stop Ordering Checks From Bank!

How to print personal wallet-sized checks yourself at $0 cost.

Do you know you are able to print your bank checks from your home printer? And the cost can be as low as $0 if you already a home laser printer.

Printing checks from your own printer is perfectly legal. Most banks accept checks printed with the regular laser print toner. All items needed are

  • 1. A laser printer
  • 2. Blank check paper
  • 3. ezCheckPersonal software.

    Followings are the step by step guide on how to print your bank checks from your home printer in minutes at possible $0 cost.

    Step 1: Download this personal check writing software from

    personal check printing and writing software

    ezCheckPersonal runs on both Windows and Mac computers.

    ezCheckPersonal Download link:

    Just following the intructions on the free check writing software download page to install this check writer.

    Step 2: Set up your own the bank information

    How to write and print a wallet-sized personal check


    click the icon on disktop to start ezCheckPersonal.

    business check setup screenshot of check printing software

    For testing purpose, you can ignore this step because ezCheckPersonal comes with a sample database.  If you want to setup your personal bank information, you can do it by clicking the top menu "Settings->Edit Current Account" to open check setup page. After you modify the information there, please do not forget to click the save button.

    Step 3: Add a new check and print it from your laser printer

    Check Printing, check writing software main page

    Click the "New Check" button from the main screen to add a new check. Then you select this check from the list and print it by simply clicking the "Print Selected" button. Now your first check is ready from your printer.

    ezCheckPersonal print check from the default printer. So make sure you set up your laser printer as your default one. If you have blank check paper, you can use it. For testing purpose, blank white paper is fine.

    Current Deals

    You can purchase ezCheckPersonal and blank check stock from our site directly. Or you can check current special deals to get ezCheckPersonal and check paper for free through TrialPay offers.

    free check printing software ezCheckPersonal allows customers to design and print pocket-sized personal checks with MICR encoding and logo on blank stock in house. You can also use it to fill out preprinted blank checks also.

    If you have not installed this software, you can download and try it free with no obligation and no credit card needed.

    ezCheckPersonal is available for both Windows and Mac computers.