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Payroll Reports - ezPaycheck Payroll Software Guide

ezPaycheck payroll software comes with the flexible report feataures.

Report Options Screen
report option
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  • Federal 941 Deposit Report
  • This report will generate the tax data for 941 deposit. Learn more about How to deposit 941 federal tax payments using EFTPS site

    payroll quarterly report

  • Federal Employer Yearly Repor
  • payroll yearly report

  • Employer Customized Report
  • This is most common used report. You can find summary information of gross payment, federal tax, state tax and other taxes and deductions.

    payroll customize report

  • Export Payroll Data to .csv File
  • You can export payroll data into .csv file and view it with MS Excel. You can import the data into other system or generate the reports yourself.

    export payroll data

    payroll data report

  • Employee Payroll Detail Report
  • employee payroll detail report

  • Employee Yearly Summary Report
  • employee yearly report

  • Misc Check Report
  • Show the MISC checks for employee reimbursements and vendor bills.

  • Employee Wages and Work Hours Report
  • employee wage and hours report

  • Employee Paid Off
  • Show employee PTO (vacation, sick hours) information.

    How to print the report into PDF file

    Microsoft Windows 10 system includes Native Print as PDF option. When you print a check, report or forms, you can select "Windows Print to PDF" from printer list to print file into PDF format easily.

    Or you can install PDF driver (or PDF converter) on your computer to print report into PDF file.

    payroll software

    ezPaycheck Makes 2024 Payroll An Easy, In-House Task!

    (For Windows and Mac)

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