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ezPaycheck Payroll Software for Small Business And Non-profits

Payroll Case Study


Engineered for small businesses, thousands of clients trust ezPaycheck payroll software because it is simple, reliable and affordable.

  • Accountants, CPAs and Payroll Service Providers

  • Service Companies

  • Restaurants, Hotel and Resorts

  • Trucking Companies

  • Church and Nonprofits

  • Daycares

  • Construction Companies

  • Doctors, Lawyer and Other Professional Offices

  • Manufactures

  • Retail Stores

  • Schools

  • My company just has 3 employees and I do not know much about computer. Can I use ezPaycheck payroll software?
    Yes, ezPaycheck is designed for small buisness and very user-friendly. You can download and test drive it free for 30 days. No credit card is needed and no obligation. The trial version come with the sample database. So you are ready to print the first check after you install it.

  • My company has both W2 employees and 1099 contractors. Can ezPaycheck work for us?
    Yes. You can refer to this article on how to handle the paychecks for both employees and contractors here.

  • I am a owner of multiple restaurants. Can ezPaycheck work for me?
    Yes, ezPaycheck is very flexible and can handle restaurant paychecks. You can view more details on restaurant payroll here.

  • Can ezPaycheck payroll software works for my daycare?
    Yes, Many daycare, childcare and preschools use ezPaycheck payroll software now. You can view more details on daycare payroll here.

  • I am a CPA and have multiple clients. Can ezPaycheck work for me?
    Yes, ezPaycheck can support unlimited accounts with no extra charge. You can add a new company account easily by clicking the top menu "Company->Add a Company".

  • Some people in my church do not need to pay FICA tax. Can ezPaycheck work for church?
    Yes, ezPaycheck can work for churches and non-profits that have unique tax requirements. You can check this article on how to edit the tax options.

  • Can ezPaycheck handle CA SDI tax?
    Yes. Please check here.

  • Can I add my company logo to the paychecks?
    Yes. We added this feature to ezPaycheck 2013. You can click here to see how to add logo to paycheck easily

  • Can ezPaycheck handles paychecks for a salaried employee paid 9 months a year
    Yes. you can check this article How to Create a Paycheck for a Salaried Employee Paid 9 Months a Year

    payroll software

    ezPaycheck Makes 2024 Payroll An Easy, In-House Task!

    (For Windows and Mac)

  • Trusted by Thousands for Two decades.
  • Calculate Federal & State Taxes, Print Paychecks, Print W2, W3, 941, 943 and 940.
  • User-friendly, Easy-to-use
  • No monthly fee. No hidden cost.

  • Try it free for 30 days with no obligation. No credit card required.