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Sample Paychecks and Paystubs

Paying Employees Is Easy with ezPaycheck Payroll Software for Small Businesses

ezPaycheck payroll software can prints paychecks on both blank stock and pre-printed checks. You can print paycheck with stubs in the following formats:
  • Check-on-top
  • Check-in-middle
  • Check-at-bottom
  • 3-per-page

  • ezPaycheck payroll software also allows users to customize the check layout with the logo, the second signature line, extra text field (ie: direct deposit check) and more


    1. Paycheck: check-on-top format, printed on blank stock

    With check-on-top format, you will see paycheck on top, one paystubs in middle (empoyee copy) and one paystubs at bottom (employer copy)

    (click to view large image)

  • 1.1 How to print a paycheck on blank stock

  • 1.2 How to print paystubs only

  • 1.2 How to enter paycheck data manually

  • 1.3 How to generate a paycheck automatically

  • 1.4 How to print a paycheck with/without logo

  • 1.5 How to print a paycheck with/without signature

  • 1.5 How to print paychecks in different formats: top, middle or bottom


    2. Paychecks: check-at-bottom format, printed on blank stock

    ezPaycheck payroll software has an option to hide SSN on paystubs. If you choosed this option, only the last four digits of SSN will be printed on payroll check stubs.

    (click to view large image)

    3. Paychecks: check-in-middle format, data only for pre-printed checks

    (click to view large image)

  • 3.1 How to print a paycheck data on pre-printed blank check


    4. Paycheck with logo (Click here to see how to add logo to paycheck)

    paycheck with logo

    5. Paycheck with two signature lines (Click here to see how to add the second signature line to paycheck)

    paycheck with two signature lines

    6. Paycheck for direct deposit
    If you use ezACH deposit software with ezPaycheck payroll software to deposit payment to employee account directly, you can customize the paycheck for record only.

    paycheck direct deposit

    7. Paystubs only without paycheck
    With ezPaycheck, you can print/reprint the paycheck stubs with paycheck easily anytime.

    paycheck stubs only

    8. More sample business checks

    More Payroll Information for Small Business

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  • Quick Start Guide for New Payroll Software Customers

  • How to start payroll in mid-year

  • How to handle tips in restaurants

  • How to handle the local taxes

  • How to print paycheck on blank stock

  • How to add a customized deduction and withhold it automatically

  • How to set up payroll tax options for church and non-profits

  • How to handle paychecks for both employees and contractors

  • How to file tax forms

  • How to enter the paychecks for after the fact payroll

    payroll software
    ezPaycheck payroll software has been trusted by thousands of successful businesses for more than one decade. It helps you process payroll taxes, print paychecks and file tax forms easily and smoothly.

    If you have not installed this software, you can download and try it free for 30 days with no obligation and no credit card needed. ezPaycheck is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

    **$109/calendar year - Unlimited check printing. No monthly fee. No hidden cost**

    No monthly fee. No hidden cost.

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