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QuickBooks Check Printing: Data Type Mismatch in Criteria Expression Error

Several reasons can cause this "data type mismatch in criteria expression" error when you print QuickBooks checks. Please follow the steps below to fix it. If you still need assistance, please follow the last step and send us the data file "qbfile0001.txt".

#1: You might check the option to print the company name, logo, signature by mistake *****

Solution: Uncheck these options when printing QB checks.

print QuickBooks checks

#2: You printed check list by mistake **

Solution: You need to print the voucher format check with stubs.

#3: You printed a sample check with grid by mistake.**

Solution: You need to print a real voucher format check with stubs.

#4: If you placed the order many years ago, the previous version of ezCheckPrinting may not be compatible with QuickBooks online or the latest QuickBooks desktop version

If you are using QuickBooks online version, or the latest version of QuickBooks desktop version, we would like to suggest you use the current version of ezCheckPrinting and virual printer.

Solution: Update ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer.

#5: There is special character in the account name****

The account name should looks like "BankXYZ" or "Bank 1234". Do not use special characters in the account name. Some customers reported their systems could not recognize the special characters after they updated Windows system.

database file name

Solution: Rename the account name.

- Click the top menu "Accounts->Duplicate Current Account"
- Click the top menu "Accounts->Select account" to switch the current account
Then print a check from this new account.

#6: Date format issue

ezCheckPrinting requires US date format "mm/dd/yyyy" or "M/d/yyyy" (ie: "10/15/2017", "6/28/2018"). If your QuickBooks prints date like "17/5/2018" or "July 15, 2018", you will see this error.

Solution: 1. QuickBooks formats dates the same way that Windows does. To change the format of dates in QuickBooks, you can follow this gudie to change the date settings in Windows

2. ezCheckPrinting and QB virtual printer version 7 supports Canada QuickBooks check printing. You will see this error if you are using previous ezCheckPrinting version 6 with Canada version QuickBooks.

database file name

#7: Your database file is crashed.

Solution: Add a new account.

7.1 Start ezCheckPrinting, you can add a new account by clicking the top menu "Account" then click "New Account". You can use the "CompanyABC New" as the new account name. You can use default bank set up for testing purpose.

7.2 Add and print a check on white paper with a real physical printer. (Do not use the virtual printer in this step.)

If this step works, continue. Otherwise, please contact us for support.

7.3 Start QuickBooks and print a check from Quickbooks through Virtual Printer. You should select the new account.

7.4 If you can print QuickBooks with the new account, your previous database might be crashed. You need to set up this new account inside ezCheckPrinting and stop using the old one.

#8: Contact us and email us the data file

  • 8.1. Print a check from QB to duplicate this error by follow step 3 in this guide.


  • 8.2. Then email us this file "qbfile0001.txt" to as attachment.

  • The location of this file is:

  • 8.3 Specify your system information also in your message

  • - Computer System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or others?

    - QuickBooks online, Desktop 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, or others?

    We will check this issue as soon as possible after we receive the data file.

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