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ezCheckPrinting Software: Release Log

With ezCheckPrinting software, you can print professional check with logo and MICR encoding on blank stock easily in house.

Can I download the new version for free

If you purchased ezCheckPrinting Version 9, you can get all update for versoin 9 for free. If you purchased the previous version, you need to purchase the new license. Please feel free to contact us for the special purchase link for previous clients.

Update and roll back

  • How to view the version number of ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer

  • How to update ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer

  • How to roll back to previous version of ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer

  • Version 9 for Windows:

    Version 9.1.0 for Windows - Sep 2023

    Major Changes:

    - Improved Virtual Printer and ezCheckPrinting, expanding its compatibility with blank check stock.

    - ADOBE PDF extension is no longer required for web-based check printing (e.g., QuickBooks online) using the virtual printer.

    - Clients can now use apps like QuickBooks APP to print checks on blank stock using the virtual printer.

    - Version 9.1.0 allows seamless integration with other software, provided their check format is QuickBooks compatible (e.g., Halfpricesoft online payroll). How to Integrate ezCheckPrinting with Other Software to Print Checks on Blank Stock

    Version 9.0.0: June 2023

    Per clients' requests, we improved ezCheckPrinting:
  • Enhancements made for Windows 11 compatibility and latest printer drivers
  • Compatibility updates for QuickBooks online and QuickBooks 2023
  • Note fields now support multiple lines
  • Improved logo and signature functionality for easier data sharing
  • Introduction of the new password protection feature in the network version
  • Increased maximum pay amount from $9,999,999.99 to $99,999,999.99